DKNY watches 'the toast of Hollywood'

First published: 06-08-2010

Hollywood's most glamorous stars are often seen wearing DKNY watches, which makes them popular among the watch-buying public, it has been said.

A piece for the Shade Station blog emphasised that the women's watches from the brand are particularly common among some well-known faces.

The likes of Blake Lively, Becki Newton, Kristen Stewart and Rachel Bilson have all been spotted wearing items from DKNY, it emphasised.

"A DKNY woman is sophisticated, elegant and always dresses and accessorises appropriately for the occasion," the article explained.

Among the top designs recommended by the website is the DKNY watch NY4965, which is a simple timepiece in silver stainless steel that displays the DKNY logo and the time.

The blog also recently pointed out that DKNY watches are able to offer the wearer a flamboyant style without breaking the bank.

It also noted that these timepieces are a great way of adding a touch of class to an outfit.


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