DKNY watches ''ooze glamour''

First published: 09-06-2010

DKNY watches have the ability to give women the chance to look extremely glamorous, a blogger has revealed.

In a piece for, Peter Farrar acknowledged that the beauty of DKNY watches is that they are understated.

"For a woman who''s looking for something different, DKNY has square faces and different sized round faces to choose from," he pointed out.

Mr Farrar emphasised that high fashion is second nature to the brand, with black, white and even rose gold just some of the colours that timepieces are available in.

Men also have the option of many DKNY watches to choose from, including classic black styles to slightly edgier stainless steel designs, the piece revealed.

Earlier this year, the summer collection from DKNY was described as "energetic" by the Professional Jeweller.

It noted how stylish the timepieces are for both men and women, stressing that there are simply too many designs to choose from when selecting a new timepiece.


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