DKNY watches - Donna Karan launches iPhone app

First published: 10-08-2009

In order to get closer to her target audience after launching other lines such as DKNY watches, owner of the fashion house Donna Karan has announced the availability of a new iPhone application.

It will provide users with the latest insights into the DKNY watch mogul's day-to-day existence, with clothes, personal passions and the future of designer gear all being discussed.

Ms Karan explained that with her fashion line, it's not simply about clothes, more the "lifestyle and commonality" which she aims to share with her customers.

As a result, the new iPhone application is a "modern evolution" of this interaction which she aims to have with her consumers in the dressing room.

Ms Karan added: "Only now I can reach a world of women immediately, speaking woman to woman about clothes, objects of desire and personal passions. There is nothing faster, more mobile or more advanced in communication today."

Karen Millen, who also works in the watch market, also recently launched a new iPhone application to keep her fans in touch with the latest fashions across the world.


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