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DKNY creates new charity watches

Posted: 16-09-2011

DKNY has revealed it has created a new range of charity watches that will support female troops return to the US from Iraq and Afghanistan.

DKNY watches 'the toast of Hollywood'

Posted: 06-08-2010

DKNY watches are particularly popular among Hollywood's elite, it has been said.

DKNY watches 'both flamboyant and well-priced'

Posted: 30-07-2010

DKNY watches can offer a flamboyant look for a reasonable price, it has been claimed.

DKNY watches 'suit every mood'

Posted: 12-07-2010

There is a DKNY watch to suit virtually every mood, one website has claimed.

DKNY watches ''ooze glamour''

Posted: 09-06-2010

Women who wear DKNY watches tend to be in search of extreme glamour, it has been claimed.

DKNY watches are a ''fashion must-have''

Posted: 23-03-2010

DKNY watches from the Colour range are particularly attractive purchases for women, according to a new report.

DKNY watches are ''perfect for the ladies''

Posted: 18-03-2010

Women wanting a timepiece should consider DKNY watches as an option, according to a recent blog post.

DKNY watches are ''in vogue and stylish''

Posted: 12-02-2010

DKNY watches are a great investment for those wanting to establish themselves through style, it is believed.

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