D&G watches ''stand out from the crowd''

First published: 22-06-2010

There is something considerably distinct and classy about D&G watches, as they always stand out from other designs.

A piece for articles-database.com revealed that these timepieces are great for showing off in the office, or even at special events.

The article continued: "This watch is designed in a subtle manner to complement both casual and formal wear.

"It has three hand analog movements with three chronograph sub-dials."

Those who buy the watch will find it has a full set of unique features, while also boasting a thoroughly stylish facade that is sure to turn heads in any situation.

Earlier this month, Twilight actress Kristen Stewart attended the MTV Movie Awards in a D&G metallic dress, winning praise from many fashion-savvy onlookers.

Lindsay Soll suggested on the MTV website, however, that the star should have gone for a more structured outfit to better suit her figure.


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