Crazy cog watch details released

First published: 10-03-2010

People who are looking for a watch that is completely different to its counterparts may want to check out the MVTO1, an offering created by French firm 4N, according to a new report.

Ariel Adams of explained that the stunning timepiece, which will be limited to a run of just 16 watches, comes in a range of precious metals including white gold and platinum, while the watch movement is made from titanium and aluminium alloys and pieces of carbon fibre.

It takes on three major cog combinations, each displaying a series of numbers which seemingly dance into place at the touch of a button to display the time. As a result, it looks like a digital timepiece, yet instead is mechanical.

Mr Adams said: "To accomplish the jumping hours and minutes, the watch would need a sophisticated constant force escapement - which apparently it has.

"This allows for a steady surge of power from the movement to move the discs without affecting the rate of the movement."

This month, it was revealed that a watch formerly belonging to Marie Antoinette, which was stolen in a raid in 1983, was finally recovered and led to the conviction of a woman from Los Angeles who was given the timepiece by her husband in his will - the same man who stole it.


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