Counterfeit designer goods handed to charities

First published: 27-08-2009

Around £200,000 of counterfeit goods have been seized by the Trading Standards division of Somerset County Council and are being donated to charities around the world.

In a move which aims to benefit the less-advantaged elements of society while also keeping crime low in the area, the local authority passed on clothes from a number of so-called brands which also make watches, including Adidas, Diesel, Timberland and Bench.

All 27 bags of clothing will go towards humanitarian efforts in countries such as Bulgaria, Zambia, Pakistan and Albania, it was added.

Councillor Anthony Trollope-Bellew, the local cabinet minister for the environment, explained: "This haul demonstrates how Somerset County Council is helping to prevent consumers and businesses from being ripped off by removing fake goods from our streets."

Last month, the Daily Record reported on a clever crook who swapped a £1,150 Rado watch for a counterfeit - something which staff failed to notice for a couple of hours after the thief made his way out of the shop, before walking out with the goods.


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