Corum unveils new watch from Admiral's Cup collection

First published: 21-09-2010

Watch maker Corum is to celebrate the 50th anniversary of one of its most popular collections, the Admiral's Cup, with a series of new models.

One of the timepieces to be revealed within this celebratory range is the Corum Admiral's Cup Chronograph 44 Centro Mono-pusher, Watch Luxus has reported.

A mono-pusher chronograph is one of the main features with this new watch, which offers fans of timepieces the chance to witness a device not commonly seen with sport wristwatches, instead going for a twin-pusher chronograph complication.

However, by applying this to the new model, Corum is able to illustrate a classical appearance to its timepiece, in line to watches more commonly seen around the time when the Admiral's Cup collection first hit the market.

Other features about the Chronograph 44 Centro Mono-pusher are that it has a grand-sized case, measuring in at 44 millimetres, a water resistance up to 100 metres and a stylish black vulcanised rubber strap.

Corum is in the course of celebrating its 55-year birthday as a whole too, which it aims to celebrate by re-issuing some of its biggest selling timepieces, Watch Luxus has also recently reported.


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