Corum set to bring back Round Golden Bridge watch

First published: 20-09-2010

The third watch that is to be re-issued by Corum as part of their 55th year anniversary has been confirmed as the Round Golden Bridge timepiece.

First released to watch fans back in 1980, one of its main features is just how small the product is, Watch Luxus has reported.

That is because the Round Golden Bridge houses all of its components into a subtle space measuring in at only 33 millimetres long, five millimetres thick and a minuscule height of just three millimetres.

However, watch wearers should not be deceived that this lack in size means that the timepiece will be lacking in features.

In fact, the watch is able to boast a power reserve that can last up to 40 hours, meaning consumers can benefit from its elegant look for long periods of time - a sight many wristwatch wearers will want to admire.

This is because Corum, which was set up in 1955 by the determination of entrepreneur Rene Bannwart, has designed this particular model with solid-gold features throughout its bridges and mainplate.

Previously, Corum announced that it was set to re-issue the once-popular Golden Tube and Chinese Hat timepieces, too, as well as the Round Golden Bridge model.


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