Corum Golden Tube first of three 55th year birthday celebrations

First published: 15-09-2010

Corum is to highlight why it has had 55 years of success with three re-imaginings of classic watches, with the first being the Golden Tube.

The limited-edition timepiece, which was aimed at the feminine market, was first available to purchase back in 1957, Watch Luxus has reported.

Described as more of a piece of jewellery as it was a wristwatch, it comes with a fine gold case with gem-set lines and a formation of diamond gadroons.

In fact, there are a total of 342 gemstones embellished across the entire watch, a very luxury timepiece for a company that aims to provide an "innovative and distinctive design" across its entire range.

The timepiece's face measures in at a fairly small scale of 31 millimetres, along with a 14.5 millimetre tube, which creates a design that is worn more like a cuff-watch than a wristwatch.

This is then finished off with an elegant choice of fittings, either with a strap made of alligator leather or a golden bracelet, which is also gem-set.


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