Consumers looking 'for fashion watches more than practicality'

First published: 29-10-2010

Watches are now seen as just as much a fashion statement as they are a way a reading the time, according to a new report.

Consumer analysts Mintel found that when young adults look to buy a timepiece, 25 per cent are likely to search for a designer brand and spend a significant amount of money on the purchase than only 13 per cent of older generations, the Daily Express reported.

Furthermore, a quarter of British fashion watch fans are willing to spend over £250 on a new timepiece, with one in seven prepared to break the £1,000 mark in order to get the product they want.

Tamara Sender, senior fashion analyst at Mintel, explained: "With the popularity of alternative timepieces, watch manufacturers are focusing on other aspects, such as design and the latest technology, to keep consumers interested."

The study also found that almost 90 per cent of people still own a watch, with one in five saying they have numerous products to fit any occasion.


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