Consider size 'when buying business watches'

First published: 29-11-2011

Picking out a stylish new watch to wear for work can be a great way of smartening up an outfit.
With such a huge selection of timepieces on offer, there really is the perfect design to suit anyone, regardless of their age, personal taste or profession.

Although some people like to get a watch which will show off their success by picking an expensive designer brand, they should also make sure they take care over the style of watch they choose.

Toshiko Kobatake, managing director of, advised that when picking a watch for day to day wear in the office, finding one that will be a good size and fit is vital.

"Make sure that the scale of the watch is in proportion to your whole body and wrist. You don't want the watch to look too big or too tiny for you," she recommended.

However, when picking out the perfect watch, details to be considered are not limited to just the size of the face.

Thinking about the type of metal that will best complement the skin tone is another important consideration.

The horologist explained that metallics are spilt into the categories of being either white or yellow, with the colours looking completely different on some people, depending on their colouring.

For those who would prefer to keep things simple and opt for a leather watch band, making sure that it stays in good condition is an important consideration for them.

As leather can wear over time, it is important to have it replaced if it starts to look a bit battered, with Ms Kobatake stating that "grooming is important".

The expert also recently advised workers to look for an unusual or colourful watch if they are in a creative industry, but told those in more traditional professions to look out for classic styles.  


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