Consider power sources when buying watches

First published: 19-12-2011

Investing in a new watch can be a tricky decision considering how many different styles are available.

As many come with a variety of different settings or ways of powering them, it can be hard to know which style to choose.

Offering his experience of picking out a timepiece, writer and movie producer Peter McAlevey explained to Reuters that while he had managed with a moderately-priced watches for many years, he decided to opt for something more expensive when he lost his timepiece.

He was given a watch by his wife as a replacement which he found had to be wound every day, unlike his former battery-powered device.

As a result of getting his watch Mr McAlevey found power sources were one of the main differences between watches, with wind-up models now the most fashionable style, although they have the most traditional way of keeping the watch working.

"Wind-up, batteries, solar, automatic ... these are simply ways of powering the famous 'movement' of the watch and, today, any watch keeps superb time," Mr McAlevey added.

He noted there is now even the choice of solar powered watches for those who are concerned about the planet.

While the owners of wind-up watches need to remember to keep them working, he said kinetic timepieces have an appeal to them as they wind themselves up as the wearer moves.

However, he said that if there is to be a return to self-winding watches then people may as well just go all the way and opt for a timepiece they need to wind themselves.

While some people may like classic designs for watches, others could prefer to keep up to date with the latest development.

The styles of Tokyo Flash could appeal to these people, as it put the Kisai On Air design into production, which is based on the idea submitted by two of its fans. 


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