Concept watches ''grab attention of watch enthusiasts''

First published: 07-04-2010

Sometimes, weird and wonderful creations come out of the woodwork in the world of watches, as concepts dominate the headlines and impress design critics around the globe.

Digital Arts Online was one such outlet, applauding a collection of crazy contraptions delivered to the eyes of the masses over the last year, including the Ora by Alexandros Stasinopoulos, which uses tape measures and conveyor belts to cross-layer three different numbers to display hours, minutes and seconds.

Furthermore, the particularly popular Invisible Laser Shot by Andy Kurovets was also addressed, which projects the time with a red laser onto the wrist of the wearer.

However, the best was perhaps the Tiwe by Lv Zhongfang.

Digital Arts Online said: "You know the flick of the arm that some watch owners do to pull back their sleeve? With the Tiwe watch concept, that sudden jolt has added purpose.

"Shaking this watch or tapping its face causes the OLED screen''s randomly scattered dots to assemble into clock hands."

Tokyo Flash watches were joined by a number of concepts from the company earlier this year, with the Escape C timepiece and Bluetooth receiver going into full production.


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