Concept Dot watch mixes watches with bracelets

First published: 17-08-2010

A new concept watch, simply called the Dot, has being unveiled as a wristwatch that has a design more suited to a bracelet.

Designed by Polish designer Damian Kozlik, the timepiece centres around LED technology in order to display the time, which is simply available in a four-figure digital format. The date is also available from this viewpoint, Design Blog has reported.

Buttons are then incorporated into the rim of the watch near to the time display, which can be used to alter the time or date, if necessary.

Another unique feature of the watch is for it to be designed with a perforated rubber strap instead of the more conventional option of stainless steel or metal.

Evan Selleck has told Slash Gear of his views on the Dot concept, pointing out that the design does not seem as flashy as some other watches on the market, but that the LEDs add to the watch and make for a unique blend of timepiece and fashion accessory.

He said: "The LED wristband is cool enough to grab our attention."


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