Complicated ladies watches 'entering the market'

First published: 15-03-2012

Watches for women are often limited to only a few styles, with timepieces generally made to either look pretty or some developed for sportswear.

The market has long lacked a selection of timepieces as vast as those found for men, with very few including the impressive technical features that have been included on men's timepieces for decades.

However, steps are now being taken by some of the world's most famous Swiss watch manufacturers to create designs that are as technically advanced as those traditionally made for men.

While many men's watches sport complex details that go beyond simply assisting telling the time, women's watches are either based on quartz movements or are highly embellished to make them more attractive and increase the price.

By opening up this market to women, chief executive of Tag Heuer Jean-Christophe Babin believes it could help to give a boost to the watch market.

"In a lifetime, if you can sell two or three luxury watches to a man, you can sell between five and ten for a lady," the expert explained to Reuters.

The appeal of these watches is likely to be different between the sexes, as while men enjoy knowing they have a great piece of engineering on their wrist, women instead like to know they have purchased quality craftsmanship.

To appeal to an even wider number of women, the materials that are being used on watches has also evolved, with some of the timepieces currently on show at the Baselworld watch and jewellery fair featuring enamel and mother of pearl to create an interesting and attractive finish.

Tag Heuer has recently been taking steps to attract more female buyers by announcing that Cameron Diaz will work as an ambassador for the company.

The news was announced to coincide with the announcement that the firm was to launch a new Lady Link collection, which she will wear in promotions. 


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