Company finds time to create cutting-edge health wrist watch

First published: 17-08-2009

A major developer of biosensor and microprocessor technologies has clocked on to the benefits of watches in successfully taking heart rates without the need for a chest strap.

SPO Medical announced that its new watch is both accurate and reliable in its ability to tell a person's heart rate on the move through the overcoming of several "technological hurdles".

President and chief executive officer of SPO Medical Michael Braunold said that heart rate monitors and other derivatives in wellness applications has long eluded the industry until the introduction of the sports watch.

He continued: "Our technology, when applied to a sports watch, will be a major advantage for many users, both men and women alike who find the chest strap inhibitive to their sports or leisure activity and generally uncomfortable.

The range of features on Timex's WS4 watch were recently congratulated, with the timepiece offering "effortless functionality" according to Pocket Lint, highlighting its inclusion of a lap time counter, the date, graphs, modes, time, temperature and a barometer.


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