Company creates iPod-inspired watches

First published: 31-08-2011

People who love the design of the iPod Nano and want to get the look in their watch now have the chance, thanks to the designs of one company.

Manufacturer Pineapple has taken the square design of the popular music player and used it to create a new watch.

Showing the time in a standard format with the hour, minute and second hand, the watch has a black strap attached for wrapping around the wrists.

The product may appeal to a wide number of people as it not only has a classic design but it is also available in a selection of colours, including dark orange, sky blue and a hot pink.

Based in Montreux in Switzerland, the company has only just begun trading and the first batch of its designs have not yet been released.

Those interested in acquiring a watch at auction have been made aware that the charity event being held in Monaco during September will now take place on the 23rd of the month.  


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