Colourful watches are ''perfect for spring wrists''

First published: 01-04-2010

If you''re going to buy any watch this month, make sure it is nice and bright, according to one style source.

In the new piece for Fashion for Lunch by Lauren Hesse, it was stated: "There is no excuse this week to show up an hour late just because of daylight savings, especially when there are plenty of dazzling watches to choose from.

"Don''t confine yourself to the basics with two-toned metal bands and a plain face to tell your time."

Ms Hesse explained that key colours to use in the season include deep purples, soft blues and bright oranges, whether it''s leather or rubberised bands as they are both timeless and playful.

She added that if wrists are already full due to bracelets and charms, it may be different and very chic to instead keep the watch on a chain around your neck.

This week, the Times reported on the Jaeger LeCoultre Master Grand Tourbillon Europe PT, which displays much of the world map in a colourful, eye-catching way - though you''ll have to spend just under £90,000 getting hold of one.


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