Clear watches help children with learning to tell the time

First published: 27-04-2012

Having a watch with clear details and large numbers can help young children to tell the time.

Giving kids a timepiece that has a clear and simple design that is easy for them to understand is important to make sure youngsters can easily get to grips with learning to read the time, DFN Online reported.

With large numbers that are written in Arabic numerals which the child will be familiar with seeing and thick hands that they can see pointing to the different points on the watch, these can assist with understanding.

If the watch features designs or characters that the child likes and is familiar with, it can encourage them to use the watch and feel more comfortable with it.

While little boys might like to have a watch that features characters like Thomas the Tank Engine, a Hello Kitty watch might appeal more to girls who are learning to tell the time. 


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