Citizen watches show 'eco-awareness'

First published: 16-11-2009

An offering from Citizen watches proves to be the best way for an individual to stay ecologically aware, according to a recent review piece.

The Sun Daily recommended an investment in one range in particular: the Citizen xC Collection, which uses an octagonal watch face with bold Roman numerals to deliver timeless style.

And while it is water resistant up to 100m, its real party piece is that it can run continuously for 210 days from a fully charged battery, which is the case every time it detects light, meaning there is no need for batteries.

The news resource continued: "With the increasing awareness of the depleting ozone layer and the necessity for every individual to play their part, how one wishes that we can contribute to preserving Mother Earth with every tick of the clock - Citizen's Eco-Drive promises just that!"

Earlier this month, Eden Taub of Total Watch Repair in Los Angeles noted how Citizen watches were the first to use titanium on a regular basis in the production of their timepieces.


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