Citizen watches included in counterfeit seizure in Finland

First published: 29-07-2010

A sizeable haul of counterfeit timepieces including Rolex, Hello Kitty and Citizen watches has been seized making its way out of Europe.

According to Marques, the Helsingin Sanomat newspaper reports that the counterfeit goods were seized by Finnish Customs on route to Russia.

The website also notes that haul of watches, now heading to Europe and China for analysis, has an estimated value of the haul is around €12 million (£).

Earlier this week, Citizen watches were praised for successfully combining style with environmental friendliness over the last two decades.

In a post on the Feel Good Style blog, Jeff McIntire-Strasburg noted that alongside Casio, Citizen watches had managed to incorporate solar power into its timepieces without making them look geeky.

He added that the Citizen Eco Drive watches have been among the most popular solar powered watches since the mid-90s when they were introduced.

Mr McIntire-Strasburg suggests this is due to the fact that they can be incorporated into almost any outfit, whether casual, smart or outdoors.


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