Citizen watches announce strong January sales

First published: 31-01-2012

The trend of buying watches seems to be growing at a fast pace as another company has announced it has seen a strong result for the first month of the year.

While many of the companies that have recently recorded high sales are firmly in the luxury brand sector, selling timepieces worth thousands of pounds to exclusive customers, there has now been a trend noted for people buying mid-price timepieces as well as Citizen announced it had seen good sales during January 2012, Retail Jeweller announced.

The company has announced it saw record-breaking sales figures for the first month of the year, which follows on from the strong results seen in December 2011.

Alan Mace, managing director for Citizen Watch UK, said he thinks there are several reasons which account for the sudden surge in success for the company.

He noted that while the brand has released a very strong line of stylish and innovative products in recent times, the advertising campaign it broadcast over the festive period has also had a big impact on consumer awareness of the brand.

This included a high profile advertising campaign that was aired during The X Factor, which was seen by millions of people each week.  Featuring the brand's ambassadors including Kim Clijsters and Padraig Harrington, the ad had a strong appeal for the viewing audience.

"With so many new and exciting Eco-Drive models being launched, we are confident that the Citizen brand is well placed to further build on its strong leadership position in 2012," Mr Mace told the publication.

The company has sold two million of its Eco-Drive timepieces over the last decade and believes it is in a good position to continue this trend during the coming year. 


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