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Citizen creates new watch to mark RAF airshows

Posted: 04-07-2014

Citizen creates new watch to mark RAF airshows

Women's watch market: Timeless over temporary

Posted: 13-06-2014

Women's watch market: Timeless over temporary

Citizen launches membership scheme

Posted: 14-04-2014

Timepiece brand Citizen has offered an additional year guarantee to its newer members.

Citizen partners with Katherine Jenkins

Posted: 31-03-2014

Classical singer Katherine Jenkins has teamed up with Citizen to promote their women's watches.

Citizen, Seiko and Sekonda watches feature in men's mag top 10

Posted: 10-01-2014

A leading Australian men's magazine has picked out watches from Sekonda, Seiko and Citizen as the best timepieces costing under AU$500.

Citizen reveals 'luxury' watches

Posted: 26-09-2013

Two new Citizen watches have been unveiled in India.

Citizen unveils new rose gold watch

Posted: 14-01-2013

A new rose gold watch for spring and summer is coming from Citizen.

Citizen Eco-Drive Proximity hits the UK

Posted: 29-11-2012

The watch synchronises with your iPhone

Citizen watches bidding to increase popularity

Posted: 23-04-2012

Citizen watches are looking to boost their popularity in India as the market becomes a hugely successful region for the brand.

Kevin Pieterson to continue work with Citizen watches

Posted: 27-02-2012

Cricketer Kevin Pieterson has announced he will be continuing to work with Citizen watches by promoting their Eco-Drive timepieces.

Citizen watches announce strong January sales

Posted: 31-01-2012

Citizen watches has announced it has seen strong results for January, suggesting that the trend for watches goes beyond just Swiss designs.

Citizen watches 'have the perfect touch'

Posted: 14-12-2011

Citizen watches could be the ideal Christmas gift for people who like their timepieces to be both stylish and the height of new technology.

Citizen watches to appear in X Factor ads

Posted: 17-11-2011

Citizen watches could receive a huge number of new fans soon as the company is set to promote its new line during the X Factor adverts.

American football star to promote Citizen watches

Posted: 01-11-2011

A famous name from the world of American football has announced that he is to become the latest spokesman for Citizen watches.

Citizen watches to participate in awards ceremony

Posted: 26-09-2011

Citizen watches is set to be one of the fine international brands taking part in a prestigious watch awards ceremony in India later this month.

Citizen watches creates new models

Posted: 15-09-2011

Citizen watches has unveiled a new series of 15 new designs in the Eco-drive Super Titanium range to go on sale in India ahead of the Diwali season.

Citizen watches scoops brand award

Posted: 30-08-2011

Citizen watches are celebrating after picking up an award for their brand.

Citizen Aqualand watch could be ideal for divers

Posted: 17-08-2010

With alarms triggering for various aspects of diving and a built in water sensor, the new Citizen Aqualand could be very appealing.

People buying watches to 'imagine a fantasy'

Posted: 11-08-2010

Imagining being a pilot or racing like Lewis Hamilton are only a couple of supposed reasons people buy watches.

Citizen watches included in counterfeit seizure in Finland

Posted: 29-07-2010

Citizen watches made up part of a collection of counterfeit goods making its way through Finnish customs into Russia, it has been revealed.

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