Citizen creates new watch to mark RAF airshows

First published: 04-07-2014

To mark the upcoming RAF airshows, Citizen has created a limited edition timepiece. 

Only 1,000 Chrono Time AT Red Arrows watches will be produced in a bid to introduce an element of exclusivity, and each watch and helmet will be individually numbered, WatchPro reports. The largest airshow is taking place on July 5th and 6th at Air Force Waddington, Lincoln.

The chronograph will be presented in original packaging, which has been made with the Royal Air Force Red Arrows pilot's helmet in mind, along with an Aspinal wallet. 

A statement from the watchmaker reads: "Citizen believes the shows will provide the perfect launch for the new watch model and anticipate a huge demand in sales."

As part of the manufacturer's attempt to bolster interest and awareness, any retailers that are close in proximity to these airshows will be given Citizen Red Arrow assets and further stock, which they can use to promote these chronographs.

In addition to this, members of staff from Citizen will be in attendance at certain events and will happily give retailers additional support and expertise of this partnership with the Red Arrows. 

However, this is not the only marketing strategy that has been undertaken by the watchmaker. Advertorial pages will be present in some of the airshow literature, while they will also be in the official RAF 50th anniversary document. It is hoped the combination of these efforts will increase public interest and awareness of this collaboration and boost sales. 

This is not the first time these two organisations have joined forces. Citizen currently has a selection of timepieces called the Eco-Drive Watch Collection. The qualities that the Red Arrows exhibit - commitment, professionalism, priding themselves on precision performance with unrivalled skill, passion and equipment - are seen as attributes that make them "perfect partners" for this watchmaker. 

Managing director of Citizen Watches UK Mark Robinson recently gave an interview where he spoke about what the future of the women's timepiece market held, in his opinion.

Overall, he said it was a fertile market with lots of exciting things going on, notably the unprecedented rise of Michael Kors, which defied his expectations. 

He conceded he hadn't seen anything like the spectacular journey of this watchmaker and admitted that it was unusual for this to happen, as normally these rises were short-lived, making way for the timeless brands to shine. 

Mr Robinson pointed to how social media had had a profound effect on his firm's business, revealing it had received "unparalleled levels of engagement" with its female customers through its Facebook page, suggesting this is one way the recent technological advancements could be to the benefit of a firm.

Looking ahead to what the future could hold, the managing director highlighted how important the fashion, purpose and colour of a timepiece is and encouraged manufacturers to ensure they had a wide range of options for consumers to choose from. 

In regard to specific trends, pink and rose gold will continue to be popular, while diamonds and two-tone will also find favour due to their flexibility and sophistication. 

With the marketing strategies employed around the Red Arrows and these insights into the industry, it remains to be seen whether or not this will translate into sales for Citizen, however. 


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