Citizen Aqualand watch could be ideal for divers

First published: 17-08-2010

Watch fans who like to wear their timepiece while diving may be interested in a new release by Citizen.

Named the Citizen Aqualand diver depth meter promaster JP1010-00E JP1010, the first distinguishable feature that catches the eye is that both analogue and digital time displays are shown on the watch face.

Quite unique for a diver's watch, but it is more the specialist features that make this watch stand out. First, it is able to switch to diving mode automatically, thanks to a built in water sensor, Azosensors has reported.

Then, once activated, the watch then displays a whole host of useful information for diving fans, including diving time, present and maximum depths and even water temperature.

Plenty of information for sure, but for those who do not have much time to glimpse at a timepiece while diving, alarm functions are also incorporated as well. These range from one that triggers a beeping sound for about 15 seconds once the assigned depth has being reached, to one that sounds to alert "the diver about the ascending speed during diving".

Watchmaker Citizen has a great connection to the sporting world, with ambassadors ranging from cricketer Kevin Pietersen to skier Chemmy Alcott.


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