Chronobiologist argues watches and clocks shouldn't be changed for DST

First published: 07-03-2013

Although it is always nice to see the back of the freezing cold winter months, a lot of Britons will no doubt be dreading the moment when they have to push their clocks and watches forward by an hour.

We are set to have an hour of much-needed sleep cruelly taken away from us on March 31st, as the UK switches to British Summer Time.

Inevitably, there are some people who think this daylight-saving tactic needs to be stopped.

Bora Zivkovic - an experienced chronobiologist - wrote an article for Scientific American which highlighted the fact that the likes of Russia, Iceland and Belarus have already scrapped this practice and these countries now have the same time all year round.

In the past, it was assumed that daylight-saving time (DST) was required to reduce energy use, but Mr Zivkovic believes this is no longer applicable.

He added that altering the clocks by an hour can cause problems for our body clocks.

Of course, you will always get that one employee who turns up late for work on the first Monday after the clocks go forward every year, using the time change as a convenient excuse.


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