Christmas gifts to suit every budget

First published: 11-12-2015

Christmas presents

Christmas is a time for giving, not just receiving, and the search for the ideal gift for loved ones can be an exciting experience that even beats a visit from Saint-Nick... or at least comes close!

If you're in need of ideas to suit all budgets that will really light up that special someone's eyes when the wrapping paper is torn off, let us lend you a jolly helping hand, with a selection of presents that are sure to create a Christmas buzz on December 25th!

Small spending, big impact

A present that costs a mere fiver can be just as special as something that costs ten times the amount, as the key here - as with gift buying in all price ranges - is putting thought into what you decide to buy.

Sprucing up a space

Gifts such as a photo frame, an ornament, or even a cushion are perfect items to add a spot of character to a living room, which makes them perfect for interior design enthusiasts.

You could opt for a teacup candle, which you can pick up in a shop or make yourself! If you're a dab hand at DIY, choose an old teacup from a charity shop, then add the wax and wick yourself.

Relax and unwind

If you're buying for someone who seems to work almost 24/7, then opting for something that helps them to unwind during the little downtime they get is going to be well received.

A gift that's related to their favourite hobby is a great idea if you know a bit about their interests, while something to help them relax in an evening, such as a bath bomb, is more of an overall crowd-pleaser.

Mid-range ideas

Covering the kind of budget that you'll probably want to spend on close friends, as well as family members, there are many great gift ideas for people who you'd like to spend a little more than a fiver on.

Aside from the options we've listed below, try our gift finder, too, for an added bit of inspiration!

Revamping their wardrobe

If you're feeling confident enough to buy something that matches the recipient's tastes, then an item of clothing can be great gift idea, as it shows that you've put a lot of thought into what you've bought.

Buying them a festive sweater for Christmas Jumper Day is a good safe option, but requires them to open it before the 25th! So if you'd prefer to surprise the recipient on Christmas Day itself, then an accessory such as a scarf could be a better option.

Versatile jewellery

While everyone has their favourite pieces of bling that are reserved for special occasions, they'll also need items to wear through the day, in the office or at home.

Karen Millen earrings

An elegant pair of studs such as these Karen Millen gold plated earrings are perfect for wearing in the daytime. With a shiny exterior, a unique design, and some added sparkle, they're stylish yet aren't too extravagant for the workplace.

If you know the person's style a little better, then you have the chance to stray away from a safe option a little, even opting for a pair of hooped or drop earrings instead of a pair of studs.

Splashing out

There are sure to be some special people in your life who you'd like to spend a little more on, like loved ones and close family members.

You might want to push the boat out to get them something that they'd never buy for themselves, or because they're one of those people who seems to have everything!

Experience days

If there's one thing that people don't tend to buy for themselves all too often, it's activities like a hot-air balloon ride or a track day.

You have the opportunity to play to their interests here, too. If the recipient likes to push themselves to the extreme, then a day out white-water rafting would be right up their street. Alternatively, if they love nothing more than relaxing, a pampering day at a spa would be ideal.


For the tech-savvy spouse or relative, a smart watch could be the very thing that's missing from their collection of electronics.

Sony smartwatch

This Sony Chronograph Smartwatch comes with a beautiful leather strap, which gives this cutting-edge piece of tech a classic, nostalgic feel. The face is minimalist and modern, and will look great when teamed up with a smart shirt and suit jacket.

With plenty of days left before Christmas, there's still time to pick out something that the person you're buying for will really love. We've given you a handful of ideas to get the creative juices flowing here, but if you're still mulling things over, then remember to try our gift finder, too!


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