Chopard reveals the Mille Miglia Racing in Pink

First published: 14-04-2011

Fashionistas may be interested to hear that watchmaker Chopard has opened up one of its long-time sports timepiece collections to women.

The Mille Miglia Racing in Pink is the ticker in question and is the first in the range to be aimed at females since the collection was introduced in 1988, World Tempus reported.

Consumers are sure to be attracted to the timepiece, seeing as though its dial and strap are each toned in a stunning splash of pink.

The bracelet also catches the eye due to the fact that it is designed with rubber detailing to hint towards the 1960s Dunlop Racing tyre-tread motif.

A steel case with either a plain or diamond-set bezel also adds to the appeal of this sports watch, while large six and 12 markings make reading the time a breeze.

Chopard, which has been involved in the watchmaking industry since 1860, has also included a magnified date window on the timepiece, which gives the ticker's even more practicality.


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