Children's watches becoming ever more popular

First published: 25-02-2013

Children these days may have the time displayed on their mobile phones and tablet computers, but that doesn't mean they don't want a nice watch too.

According to new figures from retail analyst GfK published by Watch Pro, the children's watch sector was worth a whopping £10.9 million in Britain last year.

That means more than 906,000 timepieces were sold and subsequently strapped to the wrists of style-conscious youngsters.

Because of their age and ability to be swayed by passing trends though, kids aren't going to want the same things from a watch that their parents might need.

Instead, GfK has discovered that colour comes first when it comes to what timepieces go on their wishlists, followed by which character from popular culture they feature. Only then does functionality come into account - naturally, an image of Spider-Man is much more important than whether or not the hands are easy to see.

Children in the five-to-eight age range are the most likely to be interested in character watches, so this may be worth bearing in mind when treating a little one to a timepiece.

However, even though kids may not think much about practicality, that doesn't mean parents should ignore it too - after all, if they buy something shoddy, they'll probably be the ones replacing it in a few months' time.

Instead, look for style as well as substance.

Lorus senior brand manager Graham Turner told Watch Pro this may be more important than ever nowadays.

"Watches need to be tougher, to cope with more active lifestyles. Water resistance is becoming essential as well as illuminated dials," he commented.

There is a dazzling array of children's watches available from Watch Shop, whether you want styles for girls, boys or both.

Bestsellers include the Lorus Children's and the Flik Flak Hunting the Sea.


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