Cheaper watches are 'very cool' in recession

First published: 28-08-2009

If a gentleman is dressing to impress this autumn, he should consider putting a stop to impulse purchases and think in advance when it comes to their clothes, it has been said.

Harriet Walker, in a piece for the Irish Independent, explained that "investment pieces" are the way forward, a style which has been matched quite well by high street stores which know that people want quality pieces at more affordable prices.

Of course, watches are always going to be in style, though men may want to reconsider this accessory as well, according to the expert.

Ms Walker asserted: "Gone are the days of imitative flattery, so bin your banker's Rolex and embrace the humble rubber wrist strap, which is much cooler - not to mention water and recession-proof."

Something else which may complete the classic look this autumn is gold jewellery, with chief executive of the British Jewellers' Association Geoff Field explaining that there is a strong demand for gold due to the metal's precious and expensive properties.


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