Charlize Theron becomes face of Dior watch collection

First published: 13-06-2011

Hollywood starlet Charlize Theron has once again dazzled when representing a new fashion watch from well-known watchmaker Dior.

The South African actress, who will be known to many big screen fans for her roles in Hancock and The Italian Job, has been revealed as the face of the Dior VIII timepiece range.

Theron has previously represented the brand's elegant J'adore fragrance and told People magazine of her honour at once again being an ambassador for the company.

She explained: "To work with them again was a no-brainer and when I saw the product I was like 'That is a good looking watch! I will gladly represent that watch!'"

Theron, an Oscar-winning actress for her part in 2003 hit Monster, did admit to the source that she had rarely sported a wristwatch for a decade though, but acknowledged that she "really missed it as a piece of jewellery" during that time.


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