Celebrities turn out to endorse watches and jewellery

First published: 27-01-2012

Celebrity endorsements of jewellery and watches has been a long-standing tradition for many companies which goes back many years.

Some of the biggest names from the worlds of film, music and sport have over the years promoted different brands, with some opting for exclusive ranges while others have offered their support for small companies.

Certain celebrities have even opted to create their own companies to create a line that is closely associated with their own public image.

People who go to see the new George Clooney film The Descendants will see the actor supporting his role as a brand ambassador for Omega by wearing a De Ville Prestige in his performance as Matt King in the film.

The star is seen sporting the watch in the promotional posters for the movie, which is released in the UK today (January 27th 2012).

It could be a successful promotional campaign for the company, as Clooney has already received an Oscar nomination for his role.

He is not the only star to be promoting accessories, as a new campaign by jewellery company Lara Bohinc has been released which features model Daisy Lowe wearing their products.

The brand has sought to highlight the high glamour of its collection as it shows Lowe in a series of poses wearing a scarlet red dress, with heavy make up and tumbling curls.

Lara Bohnic is set to release its 2012 collection that is inspired by the sun and moon in the Solaris line, in addition to its other Balcony, Collision and Planetaria ranges.

Rather than looking for celebrity endorsements, some people could be planning to find items that have been inspired by important events this year, as one jewellery company has recently announced it will be releasing a line inspired by the Queen's Diamond jubilee in June. 


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