Celebrating the RHS Flower Shows with our favourite Olivia Burton watches

First published: 01-08-2016

At the end of July and beginning of August, we're slap-bang in the middle of two of the year's beautiful RHS events. One of Cheshire's finest country houses - Tatton Park - has just hosted a gorgeous show, and RHS on Tour at Marylebone Farmers' Market will be in bloom at the start of September.

To celebrate the beauty of the flower, we're taking a look at the very best designs inspired by nature to come from London-based watchmaker, Olivia Burton.

Pastoral elegance

Hues of green, pink, yellow, and brown make up the face of this Olivia Burton ladies' watch, set on an off-white background. If there was ever one design that embraces the ethos of the brand, it's this elegant piece.

Olivia Burton Ladies Watch OB15FS60

Everything about the watch is light and airy, with a relaxing colour palette that extends to the strap, which is an inoffensive shade of brown. The casing is light gold with a subtle shine, in order to allow the gorgeous details on the face to sit centre stage.

Boldly floral

While the piece above uses soft shades to enhance its flower design, this Olivia Burton watch takes a strikingly different approach. Being altogether bolder, this timepiece uses black to make the flowers pop out of the background.

Olivia Burton Watch OB14FS02

Even the case is black on this Olivia Burton piece, with only a touch of a watchmaker's favourite colour - gold - used to add a few extra-special touches. Above all else, it's a distinct and elegant tribute to the array of colours that can be found in nature.

Mixing flower and butterfly

This Olivia Burton watch ups the ante, offering twice the flower power. Featuring mirrored floral images across the face, this is a piece for those who truly appreciate the natural beauty of the British countryside.

Olivia Burton Watch OB15EG45

Not content with simply showcasing plants, this piece also adds butterflies into the mix, making it great for those who love all aspects of nature.

Its colours are mainly comprised of a combination of brown and gold, meeting in the middle to create a gorgeous shade of fawn that provides the backdrop for the flowers on the face.

Birds and bloom

Running with the theme of wildlife and looking beyond the butterfly, this ladies' watch from Olivia Burton adds birds to the design, perfectly complementing the woody and earthy browns and oranges that are typical of the piece.

Olivia Burton Ladies Watch OB15AM76

With flowers and branches extending from the edges of the face -overlapped by traditional Roman Numerals - each element works to create something very spherical, with every element pointing inwards, creating a beautiful focal point.

Subtly floral

This Olivia Burton watch sits on your wrist at just 30mm wide - a very modest piece and traditionally feminine in design. The colours it offers are of a similarly minimalist pattern, making it a great choice for a watch that can flatter a range of other colours in your wardrobe.

Olivia Burton Watch OB15EG44

This piece presents something a little different to a host of other Olivia Burton designs, featuring a crosshatched background on the face, which the flowers overlay. The floral patterns themselves are subtle in colour, bringing together the classic soft pink and green we all associate with nature.

The strap plays its part too, working perfectly with all the other shades on display, but never stealing the limelight from the intricacies of the beautiful make-up of the watch itself.

Monotone yet gorgeous

Who says floral designs have to be brightly coloured? Here's a piece that challenges traditional floral colour schemes, featuring only three shades to stunning effect. Like a stencil drawing, this Olivia Burton watch fully embraces simplicity, having the appearance of an artist's sketchbook.

Olivia Burton Watch OB15AM75

Featuring the same image as one of the watches we featured above, the two provide an excellent comparison for your personal tastes: minimalist or colourful? The choice is yours.

The strap plays a big part in this piece too, elevating slate grey into an essential part of the piece and adding an offset to the mainly golden face, showcasing that less really is more in this instance.


There we have it: flora and fauna-inspired designs across a range of varied and beautiful timepieces. If you're a lover of flowers and wildlife, embrace your passion and celebrate your love in your fashion choices: there's an Olivia Burton watch to match your style.


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