Celebrating a promotion at work

First published: 16-03-2015

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If a close friend, family member, or loved one has just earned a promotion, you will naturally want to help them celebrate in style! There are loads of great options for gifts that will help commemorate the occasion, so it's easy to show them just how proud you are of their achievement.

Pop the cork

There's a reason that we say "eat, drink, and be merry" - eating and drinking lots of tasty stuff is one of our favourite ways to celebrate. From bottles of champagne to hampers of goodies, there is sure to be a foodie treat that will be perfect for commemorating a promotion.

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Wine is always a great option (or beer, or champagne… whatever their tipple of choice!) This is also handy because it can be as expensive or not as you like - good wine isn't hard to come by, so you can spend a little or a lot depending on how close you are to the recipient.

Chocolates are a brilliant alternative - almost everyone has a favourite! Whether it's a huge selection box or a bar of their treat of choice, this is an easy present that is pretty much guaranteed to do the trick.

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If you want to splash out a little bit more, a hamper is a really fun way to say a big "congratulations". Whether it's cheeses they prefer or maybe tea or coffee, collect a few bits and pieces that they will love and stick them in a pretty box (or even a basket if you want to be really posh). This is a particularly thoughtful gift, especially if you go to a lot of effort to make it really tailored to them and the treats they enjoy.

A home from home

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If the big promotion involves a new desk or even a new office, it might be nice to get them something decorative to make this new working space more like a home from home. A paperweight, for example, will be both useful and pretty, and a plant will really liven up an office environment. Anything small enough to sit neatly on a desk will do, so think about what little bits or bobs they would like.

Not just purely practical

Some essential items make great gifts, especially if you give them a little extra something to make them specific to that person. Pens, for example, are something we all use day in, day out at work, but if you get them personalised or engraved, they quickly become really special presents to mark a big occasion.

Alternatively, if they make a habit of listening to music at work, why not get them some really high-tech headphones for use at work? Or perhaps a cafetiere if you know they drink a lot of coffee during the day? Anything you know they will get a lot of use from is ideal, since this shows that you've been paying attention!

Give me just a little more time…

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If your better half or close relative has just been promoted, then why not go the extra mile and pick out a smart new watch? Not only will this make for a memorable gift that can be cherished for years to come, but it's also a very practical accessory for the working day.

It's easy to find something appropriate for the office, and this is a gift that will stand the test of time too. Both metal and leather straps will look smart and professional - this Olivia Burton ladies' watch is minimal and sophisticated, whereas this men's Royal London model oozes vintage charm.

Getting organised

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With a new role comes new responsibilities, so a perfect present to commemorate a promotion could be one to help them get organised. This could be anything from a new desk tidy set all the way to a snazzy new diary. Keeping on top of tasks is hugely important, so giving them something to help them stay on top of everything will be deeply appreciated. A desk tidy could be an option, as could notepads for those moments of inspiration.

A promotion is a huge occasion in anyone's life, and marking it with a special gift couldn't be easier. With so many options to choose from, you can find something that they will love (almost as much as their new role)!


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