Casio watches planning to re-enter youth market

First published: 11-06-2010

Plans are afoot to reintroduce Casio watches to the youth market in India, a report suggests.

It is intent on increasing its share of the market to ten per cent, revealed, by heavily promoting some of its existing designs.

Among them will be the G-Shock for men and the Baby-G range for women, the article revealed.

Speaking to reporters, Kulbhushan Seth, head, sales and marketing at the brand said research is underway to find out exactly where the products should be advertised.

He continued: "We are now doing a market survey for our Baby-G range of watches. Casio is not known for ladies watches.

"We are finding out from our channel partners on the market for the Baby-G watches targeted at young girls."

It was recently revealed that tennis star Rafael Nadal had invested in a new watch ahead of his appearance at the French Open.


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