Casio watches 'ideal for water activities'

First published: 29-06-2010

Casio watches are ideal for those who enjoy watersports and want to ensure their timepiece is protected, it has been claimed.

The company markets its waterproof watches as necessities rather than gadgets, Elizabeth Woyke from noted.

She told that Casio has plenty of experience of making water-safe watches, with creative director Sue Vandershans identifying that the first was manufactured 27 years ago.

"Most people today encounter some water in their daily routine, even if it's just sitting at a lunch table when someone knocks over a jug of water," she noted.

Ms Vandershans emphasised that a truly durable watch needs to withstand anything that is thrown at it - perhaps quite literally.

Casio watches were recently described as showing Japanese technology at its absolute finest by a piece on

It also noted how the designs are diverse enough to encompass styles for men, women and children.


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