Casio watches 'get bigger and better'

First published: 16-07-2010

The latest Casio watch is perfect for those who like timepieces that make a statement, it has been suggested.

It takes a modern twist on the traditional G-Shock style, Crunch Gear said, and is best-suited to those who enjoy playing sports.

Basketball fans in particular are bound to like this Casio watch, mainly because it is so big and bold, the website noted.

"G-Shock has made its living on selling their brand of ironic nostalgia to hip-hop-loving teens everywhere and this new model is no exception," it continued.

The new Casio watch is ideal because it will suit these sports enthusiasts as well as "hip hop-loving teens", the piece added.

Earlier this week, it was suggested that the latest limited edition Casio watch shows that the company is taking its environmental responsibilities seriously.

These comments were made by, which hailed the limited edition Green design.


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