Casio watches 'becoming more popular'

First published: 18-04-2012

Casio watches are once again becoming one of the most sought-after brands for fashion watches, with the company seeing a big increase in sales over the past six months.

The watch manufacturer has stated that it's iconic range of timepieces, including the G-Shock, Baby-G, Edifice and Pro-trek, have all seen strong increases in sales, Retail Jeweller reported.

Another big boost in sales is predicted to be seen in the coming weeks as the company is poised to open its new flagship store in Covent Garden.

In addition, it is also set to launch a new range of ladies timepieces as part of its existing Sheen collection.

The range already includes a selection of stunning designs and is divided into categories including its Cruise, Chronograph and Multi-hand collections.

Tim Gould, head of marketing with Casio, told the publication: "We have invested heavily in corporate sponsorships and creative advertising campaigns across the Casio brand portfolio and have consequently seen a huge rise in sales for Casio’s premium products." 


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