Casio watches 'all the rage' with celebs

First published: 22-07-2010

Fashionistas keen to stay on trend have been urged to invest in a Casio watch.

A post on the Hollyscoop blog notes that a number of top celebrities are wearing Baby-G Casio watches, including Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus.

The article suggests that the appeal of the Casio watches is the "eye-catching accent to your everyday style", with the Vivid Baby-G range featuring "bold and beautiful colours".

Casio also caters for men with its G-Shock range, having launched a new ecologically conscious version of the timepiece earlier this month.

The limited edition G-Shock X Surfrider was developed in collaboration with the Surfrider Foundation and is self-charging and makes use of a durable solar panel technology.

Casio was commended on its partnership by the foundation's director of marketing Matt McClain, who explained that the watch is a great way to highlight its "commitment to protecting and preserving our coastlines".


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