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Casio watches 'get bigger and better'

Posted: 16-07-2010

The new Casio watch is bigger and better than its predecessors, it has been said.

Casio watches 'ideal for water activities'

Posted: 29-06-2010

People hoping to enjoy some time in the water this summer need to get hold of a Casio watch.

Casio watches: Japanese technology at its finest

Posted: 24-06-2010

Casio watches showcase the best in Japanese technology, it has been suggested.

Casio watches planning to re-enter youth market

Posted: 11-06-2010

Casio watches is planning to make an impression on the youth market in India, it has been revealed.

Casio watches ''can measure everything''

Posted: 11-05-2010

The number of features available on Casio watches is really quite amazing, a blogger has said, with many of them able to measure temperature, GPS location and even atmospheric pressure.

Baby G-Shock Casio watches ''heavy-duty yet stylish''

Posted: 07-05-2010

People hoping to get their hands on a Baby G-Shock Casio watch will find it provides them a stylish and heavy-duty means of telling the time, a blog has identified.

Casio watches team up with In4mation for further time

Posted: 29-04-2010

The fourth time certainly seems to be the charm with the latest pairing of G-Shock Casio watches and In4mation.

G-Shock releases vivid extra large watches

Posted: 20-04-2010

TW Steel watches look out - it''s not just your brand that can do oversized timepieces, as G-Shock is keen to prove.

G-Shock Casio watches team up with Blvck Scvle

Posted: 20-04-2010

Casio watches have announced a partnership with Blvck Scvle through its flagship G-Shock brand.

Casio watches are ''perfect for spring''

Posted: 15-04-2010

Women wanting an extra chic look this spring will have to consider buying a Baby-G watch - one of the few brands that represents the season, it is believed.

Top designers partner with Casio watches

Posted: 14-04-2010

The Baby G range from Casio watches is pairing up with top designers to provide some great timepieces for the brand''s fans, it has been revealed.

Baby-G Casio watches are ''playful and colourful''

Posted: 30-03-2010

Casio watches are getting particularly stylish for women, with the company releasing some great new designs for spring, it is believed.

Kyocera announces partnership with Casio watches

Posted: 17-03-2010

A synthetic material created by Kyocera is to feature heavily in a top-of-the-range timepiece.

New-look multi-coloured G-Shock watch is ''visually arresting''

Posted: 05-03-2010

Want a new timepiece You won''t be let down by the Casio watch released under the G-Shock moniker this week, many critics believe.

Baby-G watches to collaborate with Pastry

Posted: 03-03-2010

The women associated with one of the biggest rap bands in history have teamed up with Casio watches.

G-Shock Casio watches saluted by national newspaper

Posted: 11-02-2010

The G-Shock Casio watch has been hailed as an impressive effort by one of the country''s leading newspapers.

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