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Casio releases two new Edifice watches

Posted: 12-05-2014

Two new watches have been released by Casio, as part of the Edifice range.

Casio unveils new Baby-G product

Posted: 23-04-2014

Casio is celebrating 20 years of its Baby-G range with three new timepieces.

Casio renews partnership with Tom Onslow-Cole

Posted: 10-04-2014

British GP racer Tom Onslow-Cole is set to continue his partnership with Casio's Edifice range.

Casio releases new Edifice watches

Posted: 17-03-2014

A partnership with Infiniti Red Bull Racing is the inspiration behind five new timepieces from Casio.

Casio announces new camouflage watch

Posted: 10-02-2014

Five new designs are to be made available in G-Shock range.

Casio announces new Edifice models

Posted: 03-02-2014

Five new models in the Edifice line will include Casio's Neon Illuminator technology.

Casio showcases model to rival smartwatch movement

Posted: 19-12-2013

Casio's smartwatch offering is attempting to create the best of both worlds.

Eminem to showcase limited-edition Casio

Posted: 04-12-2013

Casio and Eminem have teamed up to produce a new G-SHOCK watch.

Lightning-yellow watches released for Casio's 30th birthday

Posted: 14-11-2013

Three watches are being launched by Casio to mark the G-SHOCK brand's 30th anniversary.

Casio to light up autumn with neon watches

Posted: 25-10-2013

A new range of G-SHOCK watches has been revealed, complete with striking neon features.

Snowboarder teams up with Casio for new G-SHOCK watch

Posted: 22-10-2013

Casio's latest G-SHOCK watch is inspired by a world-renowned winter sportsman.

Casio unveils new G-Shock Military Cloth models

Posted: 25-09-2013

Three new watches form the new line of Casio G-Shock timepieces.

Casio and Infiniti Red Bull Racing launch limited edition timepiece

Posted: 20-09-2013

The latest Casio watch has been inspired by one of the world's leading Formula One racing teams.

Casio and New Era team up to celebrate G-Shock

Posted: 17-09-2013

Casio launches a new watch in partnership with New Era to celebrate 30 years of G-Shock.

Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig talks about new-found love for watches

Posted: 09-05-2013

After wearing a watch for only a few weeks, Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig already loves his.

Hot Chelle Rae show off Baby-G watches in new video

Posted: 03-04-2013

Casio is the watch brand of choice for Hot Chelle Rae.

Casio G-Shock 'indispensible to many'

Posted: 21-03-2013

Casio's G-Shock watches have become important to a wide variety of people.

Casio fans anticipate arrival of watches that hook up to iPhones

Posted: 22-01-2013

Casio watch lovers are no doubt saving up for the new Bluetooth-enabled G-Shock.

Sports watches could help you keep your fitness resolutions

Posted: 08-01-2013

A sports watch will spur you on when you're thinking of ditching jogging.

Casio Sheen named as one of the best ladies watches

Posted: 02-11-2012

The Independent has recommended this watch as one of the best for women.

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