Casio unveils new Baby-G product

First published: 23-04-2014

Watch maker Casio has announced the release of three new timepieces in its ladies' Baby-G range.

The decision was made by the Japanese company to create a product that would celebrate the 20th anniversary of this particular line of products.

Baby-G was launched in 1994 as a female alternative to its popular G-Shock range, with the original model being the DW-520.

It was admired by girls in their late teens, but over the years, as the designs and technologies have evolved, it has become more of a womens timepiece - with over 30 million units sold.

The new BGD-500-1 model comes in black, while the similar BGD-500-3 is available in turquoise blue and the BGA-111GGC in yellow.

A statement from Casio said: "The BGD-500 reproduces the styling of the original DW-520, including a simple square form that symbolises the watch's toughness, a protector that gives an impression of its shock resistance and a cute roundish 'G' logo."


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