Casio releases two new Edifice watches

First published: 12-05-2014

Watch maker Casio has unveiled two new timepieces that will form part of its Edifice range.

Both the ERA300B-1AV and ERA300DB-1A2V have twin sensor technology, an auto-neon illuminator and water resistance of up to 100 metres. 

The former has a black resin band and features red and orange accents, while the latter's band is stainless steel, coupled with blue and white accents. 

Both of the models come with a digital compass, needle indicator and thermometer. They also include a bearing memory that means a direction reading can be stored and accessed later, if necessary. 

Chairman and chief executive officer of Casio America Shigenori Itoh said the company had been making timepieces that were not only stylish, but also highly functional for many years. 

"The latest additions to the Edifice collection possess a number of advanced technological features, while still incorporating a sense of style fit for work, the ballpark or a relaxing night at home," he said. 


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