Casio introduces two new technologies

First published: 27-03-2014

Timepiece designer Casio used its exhibit slot at Baselworld to introduce two new concept watches to fashion fans around the globe.

Through its experiences in the industry, the company has identified a couple of problems with analog watches, to which it claims to have fixed.

It states that the hands of a timepiece are severely limited, while attempts to add more functionality normally lead to overcomplicated devices.

Multi Mission Drive is one of two technologies Casio has developed to rectify these issues. It allows a single hand to cover multiple functions.

Smart Access is the other. It features an electronic crown switch that can be pressed, which "allows the wearer to operate the many functions of the watch in an intuitive, familiar fashion".

Casio states that over 80 per cent of watches in the world are analog as opposed to digital, so coming up with these concepts could have a big impact on the market.


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