Casio expands Sheen watches collection

First published: 06-09-2011

A new selection of Casio ladies watches is being made available, as the company has announced that it is expanding it Sheen collection.

The company is set to unveil a series of new products for the Indian market, which it states will offer elegant and classic timepieces.

Kulbhushan Seth, head of sales and marketing for Casio India Private Limited, said: "The truly irresistible Sheen collection includes watches which have a host of never before seen features such as sparkling gem elements for the bezel, stainless steel case and band [and] water resistance."

Among the new products is the SHE-5018D-7A, which is a water resistant chronograph watch.

There is also the SHE 3022SBD -1A and SHE- 3022SBD- 7A designs, which are solar powered products that use the sunlight to power up the rechargeable battery.

Recently, Casio promoted its Baby-G range by offering some of the designs as part of a special back to school promotion. 


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