Casio collaborate with Royal Air Force on new G-Shock watch

First published: 20-03-2012

Casio Watches has collaborated with the British Royal Air Force on a new limited edition timepiece designed for use in combat.

The new watch comes in a muted shade of grey, with its bracelet and connective hardware similarly coloured to match the design of the flying suits worn by RAF pilots.

This timepiece represents a major departure from the vivid and shiny metallic design associated with Casio's G-Shock range.

It military design is not limited to style either, with this latest timepiece including a thermometer with the hour, minute and second hands acting as indicators.

Casio's new G-Shock watch also features dual time zone, with the standard Greenwich Mean Time accompanied by an additional time zone that allows pilots flying to other parts of the world to stay in touch with each other and monitor flight times.

Add to this a special one-touch time change display and a stopwatch for recording flight times.

A radio function ensures time is monitored and adjusted to suit your setting, with a solar cell fitted underneath the dial along with a rechargeable battery to ensure longevity of use.

Featuring an RAF wings-decorated logo, the watch is being released in a limited edition batch of 2000 in June 2012 and is set to be priced at £500.


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