Casio announces new camouflage watch

First published: 10-02-2014

Casio has announced the addition of a number of new camouflage watches to its G-Shock line.

The Japanese designer revealed that five designs for the shock resistant range would become available.

Based on the earlier Casio GD-X6900 and GD-120 models, the new GD-X6900CM and the GD-120CM timepieces will have a complete camouflage look - including the band and watch face.

The packaging will also include a similar design to each specific watch, of which the colours available are tiger-stripe khaki, tiger-stripe gray and woodland red, khaki and gray.

Stripes run horizontally across the watch and feature a "multi-layered finish combining a rugged look with highly fashionable design".

The GD-X6900CM models also meet the military standard specifications set out by the US Department of Defense.

It also has a ten year battery life, while the GD-120CM will last for around seven years.

Other features of the watches include 200 metre water resistance, 29 different time zones (31 for the GD-120CM) and a stopwatch


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