Casio and Infiniti Red Bull Racing launch limited edition timepiece

First published: 20-09-2013

Casio has teamed up with the Infiniti Red Bull Racing team to launch a new limited edition watch.

The Red Bull Edifice men's timepiece was designed based on input from the Red Bull team.

Casio describes the watch's design as "sporty yet sophisticated", which in turn "emphasises the vitality of motorsport racing".

It comes equipped with Twin Sensor Technology, as well as a digital compass with needle indicator and a thermometer. A tachymetre also enables users to measure speed covered over a measured mile or kilometre.

Infiniti Red Bull Racing's double Formula One world champion Sebastian Vettel said: "Fuelled by a number of features and a lightweight design this watch exudes an air of precision and speed – similar to that of our Red Bull Racing cars."

The watch is available in the US for a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $499 (£311).

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