Casio and Citizen watches 'flying the flag for solar power'

First published: 29-07-2010

Both Casio and Citizen watches that are solar powered have come a long way beyond the garish and geeky designs that characterised the technologically-advanced timepieces in the 70s and 80s, it has been claimed.

In a post on the Feel Good Style blog, Jeff McIntire-Strasburg recommends both the Citizen Eco Drive watch and the Casio range of Tough Solar Watches to those who like to do their bit for the environment while also looking good.

He wrote that the mid-90s Eco Drive Citizen watch range is one of the most popular, partly because they suit any occasion, whether dressing up, as part of casual wear, or on an adventurous hike across some mountains.

Meanwhile, Casio have been somewhat prolific in their development of new and exciting solar powered watches.

Earlier this month, the timepiece brand announced a new collaboration with the Surfrider Foundation, creating an eco-friendly G-Shock X Surfrider that is powered by the sun.


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